How much do you charge?
Our fee for tax return preparation varies depending on the complexity of income and deductions involved.  The fee for most ÔÇ£IÔÇØ returns is between $95 to $145, and the fee is deductible in the year it is paid.
Can I have your fee taken from my refund?
Yes.  We can deduct our fee from your ATO refund and have the net balance deposited directly to your bank account if you wish.
Can you prepare multiple years returns at the same time?
We can prepare and lodge all past years returns at the same time.  The current years returns will be returned in the normal period, but there may be delays with refunds from the ATO for previous year returns, and all Assessments may not arrive together.
Do I have to lodge a tax return?
Some individuals do not have to lodge a tax return.  Each personÔÇÖs situation will differ due to age, income and expenses.  Please seek advice from one of our expert consultants if you think you may be exempt from having to lodge a return.
Can I still claim deductions if I havenÔÇÖt got receipts?
Under some circumstances receipts are not required, but in order to maximize your tax deductions we recommend you receipts for all your work and business related expenses and have them available at the time of your appointment.
How long will my refund take?
The ATO usually processes 90% of returns within 10 working days, however some delays may be encountered due to data matching between the ATO and Centrelink.  If your refund has been with the ATO for more than 21 days, please contact us for further assistance.
I received payments from Centrelink during the year.  Do I need to include these in my tax return?
Some Government payments and allowances are included as taxable income, others are not.  ItÔÇÖs important that you declare any taxable payments such as age pensions, Newstart Allowance, Youth Allowance or Austudy in your tax return.  Please ask your consultant for a list of payment which do not need to be included in your return.
What deductions can I claim?
Different expenses may be deductible depending on your individual circumstances and the industry in which you are employed. 
Please speak to one of our consultants about what deductions you may be eligible to claim.